Maintain Helped a St. Pete Medical Practice Grow and Attract 1300% More Patients. Here’s How We Did It.

by | Oct 8, 2021

We partnered with a St. Pete medical practice to, putting it simply, drive growth. Of course, though it’s simply put, “driving growth” is a complex process, largely because there’s no finish line. The best businesses, whether they’re in the healthcare space or not, are the ones that continuously evolve. It’s by understanding this that we’re able to do what we do, setting our sights on a continuous growth trajectory and leveraging our skills to keep it going. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t stop and reflect on the progress that’s been made – and there’s no denying that our partnership with Robinson MD has yielded some great results. Let’s take a look.

A Holistic Approach to Healthcare Marketing

All of our partnerships are comprehensive, which means that we don’t do one-off projects like a blog post here or a web page there. Instead, we create holistic strategies that encompass both technical and creative initiatives. We do this because, time and time again, the data tells us that holistic campaigns are what drive the most leads, conversions, and business growth. When you think about it, it makes sense: if we just wrote blog posts or simply created web pages without integrating them into a holistic marketing strategy, we’d have no way to follow through with our audience. There wouldn’t be a pipeline to take audiences from a Google ad, to a blog post, to a social media ad, to scheduling an appointment. There also wouldn’t be a mechanism to test which digital initiatives resonate most with audiences and optimize the ones that aren’t working. In short: one-offs are more “shot in the dark” than “strategy.” It’s with this tried-and-true philosophy in mind that we approach our partnership with every healthcare practice, including Robinson MD.

Robinson MD’s Work Scope

We collaborated with the (amazing!) team at Robinson MD – and especially its founding physician and CEO, Dr. Stacey – to outline the practice’s pain points, determine its goals, and chart a course for making them happen. Then we got to work, starting off with a rebrand and modernized website design that was more in line with the practice’s identity. We launched content strategies that drove search engine optimization and focused on the practice’s differentiators: a holistic, functional approach; concierge medicine; and individual services offered. We supplemented these content pieces with inbound ads strategies designed to take prospective patients on a natural decision-making journey that placed an emphasis on information and empowerment. We measured data every step of the way, making pivots where needed to ensure that Robinson MD’s digital presence was optimized to drive the most views, engagement, and conversions.
St. Pete medical practice

The Results

Our initiatives in partnership with Robinson worked together to bring some pretty great results for the St. Pete medical practice. Between November 2020 and May 2021, we drove a 487% increase in their lead generation, and it didn’t stop there. Between May 2020 and May 2021, their client conversion rate increased by 1,300%. And, of course, it still doesn’t stop here. We’re setting our sights on Robinson MD’s future, continuing to run inbound strategies and drive optimizations to maximize the practice’s growth and communicate its incredible services.
If you’re a St. Pete medical practice, or another business in the healthcare industry, interested in attracting more patients and growing, we’d love to chat with you. Just set up a free consultation with us to get started.

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