Words and Language in Design and Writing

by | Mar 18, 2018

Words and Language in Design and Writing
I was recently watching a YouTube video about design, and they said something interesting – “design has the power to change a person’s behavior”. They went on to qualify their statement with an example of Uber in the taxi cab industry and how it has completely changed how people presently think about “hailing a taxi cab”. Gone are the thoughts of waving to yellow cars with Sex & the City music playing in the background. I almost never hear anyone even say the word taxi anymore. Now, phrases like “I’ll just uber home” and “My uber is here” are more prevalent. Isn’t that amazing. It happened almost without us even realizing. A complete change in thought, behavior, and language thanks to a single app – thanks to technology and design.
Maybe not if you are as pretty, vintage, instagrammable or the cool mom . BUT…..for us sweatpants loving, double stroller pushing, patience drained mamas, it may seem a little “too cool” for us. I am here to tell you, IT’S NOT TRUE…and you are totally missing out on some AMAZING coffee, food, atmosphere, and the most friendly people you’ll ever meet.
Designing is fun. I get to play with colors, lines, and typography in order to draw an audience to a maker who has set out to create a service or product with them in mind. I am essentially a matchmaker. It’s fun and challenging, but I never want to stoop to a place of dishonesty or being unauthentic in my work.
In this same way, we take our responsibility to speak life and be light very seriously. A husband and wife team would not work well together if the language between them was consistently negative. A community cannot be built on cruel competition (there is ai such thing as healthy competition). And, relationships between client and service provider cannot be fruitful without encouragement and language filled with hope for the future. So, in our day to day business practices we be sure to do 3 key things.
Encourage – we pull out the good in each other, the good in our clients, and the good in our competition. Working with and toward the same goal is always better than working against. Don’t waste your energy on that.
Compliment – this is one that I can forget to do. I am not a natural complimenter. I think compliments all day long, but for some reason they never leave my mouth. My husband is the opposite. I am learning from him. The strength and determination I gain from one compliment is invaluable.
Laugh – Laughter has proven on so many levels to make life better. So, when we are working and when we are not working, there is never a shortage of this……..or coffee.

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